Iran Office:

No 20, 20th Street, Piroozan, Sheikh Bahayi, Tehran
+98 935 777 0444
Tel: + 9821 44 99 76 08

Armenia Office:

No 1, Bldg. No 25, Moldovakan Street , Yerevan City, Armenia
Tel: +374 55591198


General Information:

Counselling Sessions:

Students can use our online Counselling Sessions which will be held by the Chairman, Mr. Mohammad Taksayeh, Monday to Friday every week between 9.00 to 11.00 ( Iran Local Time). Students are advised to complete the Contact Form below first so that we know the students' background.

Online Counselling sessions will be held via Skype Please add Mtaksayeh at either these chat media.

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Linked In: Mohammad Taksayeh

(Get introduced, make friends and chat with many of our students recruited from IMT who are currently studying abroad and learn their comments and experience while abroad.)

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