Helping on admissions and free counseling for any college or university you have the requirements for. We are unbeatable in providing educational services for providers and students.
The necessity of learning and the philosophy of education are the pillars of human’s integrity. The world has endlessly rewarded Man’s efforts by a chance of creation, a nature to experience and a magestic feeling of success, the true cause of life.

IMT Ltd established in Iran in 2001. The main activity of the company is to providing International Education services to Iranian students and to facilitate their studies abroad. As Iran is a young country and there are many students each year deciding to study abroad, the company’s mission has been to give the most accurate services to this group. Since establishment, we are proud to boast a number of 989 students recruited from our company.


The founder of the company, Mr. Taksayeh, has helped many students and international education providers through this field. IMT Ltd is now a prime education company with trust to many Iranians. Having held the MSRT’s license from Iran, enables us to work solely and thoroughly as our customer’s wish.