About Navitas

Navitas USA has five University
Partnership in the USA with highly
regarded Universities providing
Undergraduate and Pre-Master’s
Programs for international students
Over 55,000 students enrolled at Navitas
colleges from more than 120 countries


Undergraduate Navitas USA students are matriculated university students
from Day 1

  • One Visa—I-20 is issued by the university
  • Study/Live on a university campus with full access to
  • university facilities and staff
  • No SAT or ACT, No letters of recommendation
  • No personal statement
  • 24-48 Hour Offer Letters / I-20’s within 10 days
  • Guaranteed progression to Sophomore Year (Year 2) upon
  • successful completion of Navitas Pathway
  • Earn between 30-40 credits towards your bachelors degree

Pre-Master’s Program (PMP)

Master’s of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Master’s of Education (M.Ed.)

Curriculum and Instruction
Master’s of Music (M.M.)

Music Education
Sound Recording Technology
Master’s of Engineering (M.S. Engineering)

Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering (Environmental, Structural)
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Energy Engineering (Solar, Nuclear)
Mechanical Engineering
Plastics Engineering
Master’s of Science (M.S.)

Biological Sciences (Biotechnology)
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Computer Science
Environmental Studies – Science Stream
Health Management Policy
Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship
Mathematics – Research Option
Radiological Sciences and Protection
Work Environment – Hygiene Option Pollution &
Prevention Option
Master’s of Arts (M.A.)

Community and Social Psychology (non-clinical)
Criminal Justice
Economic and Social Development of Regions
Peace and Conflict Studies.

For more information, admissions and application process, please contact IMT Ltd. We give US Student Visa services to our students including admissions and accommodation at Navitas centres US.

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